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America Leaders University in U.S.A. is a Presbyterian institution, offering instruc-tion in biblical, theological, and ministerial disciplines with a view toward the intellectual and personal preparation of offices, and other members of the church. In January 1991, the Board of Trustees of the General Assembly of Presbyterian Church in Korea resolved to find a branch seminary after visiting Los Angeles and asked Rev. David H. Cho to set up the school. Rev. David H. Cho was appointed as the first president of the seminary in September 1992.

Thereafter, Chong Shin Theological Seminary in U SA. was approved from the State of California Bureau for Private Post-secondary and Vocational Education and officially opened in September 1996. Chong Shin Theological Seminary in U.SA. is now an independent institution, but it continues to be closely affiliated with the General Assembly of Presbyterian Church in Korea. In 1997, the Gen-eral Assembly of Overseas Korean Presbyterian Church (GAOKPC) was insti-tuted to oversee the seminary and its churches. Chong Shin Theological Semi-nary in U.S.A. was renamed as Chong Shin University in U.SA. The university now aims to be a Christian institution of higher education. The university is committed to historic Reformed theology whose purpose is to educate and train pastors, evangelists, and the Bible for the Local Churches.

Starting from 14 graduates of Chong Shin University in U.SA. in 1992, there are about 700 graduates currently. We have changed from being a college to becoming a university in 2002, which now includes school of Theology, school of Christian Education, and school of Church Music. All of these schools pro-vide bachelors, masters, and doctorate degree programs as well Chong Shin University will continue to foster and nurture the 21st global lead-ers of the church and be a part of spreading the gospel around the world.
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